Thursday, March 31, 2011

Google April Fools Joke 2011

Introducing Gmail Motion

Clipper Card Information - April 2011 Minimum Amount

Sent: Thu, March 31, 2011 9:21:52 PM
Subject: Clipper Card Information

Dear Clipper Patron,


Just a reminder as April approaches that you need to maintain at least $1.25 in cash on your Clipper card when you ride Caltrain. A Monthly Pass or an 8-ride Ticket will not work if you do not have $1.25 on your card.


Please check your cash balance prior to April 1 by logging into your account at or by calling 877-878-8883 and choosing "check balance" on the self-service phone menu. If your cash balance is less than $1.25, please add enough cash to bring the balance up to at least $1.25.  You can add cash to your card immediately by visiting a Clipper retailer (including most Walgreens), the Caltrain ticket office in San Carlos, or a Clipper ticket machine in a Muni Metro station. Visit for a complete list of locations. 


While you can place a one-time online order or set up a recurring Autoload of cash, it may take 3 to 5 days for your order to be available for pick up by tagging your card, so when time is short, we recommend adding value in person.


And don’t forget that Monthly Pass users only need to tag on and off the first time they ride Caltrain each month, but 8-ride Ticket users must tag on and off for every ride.


We hope this information is helpful for you. By doing a little double-checking now, you may avoid a bigger inconvenience when April arrives.



Clipper Card Customer Service

877 878 8883
TDD/TTY 711 or 1-800-735-2929


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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Updates to AT&T Internet Terms of Service - March 2011

New TOS for AT&T DSL Customers.  


Email from AT&T
--- On Fri, 3/18/11, Your AT&T High Internet Service Customer Care Team <> wrote:

From: Your AT&T High Internet Service Customer Care Team <>
Subject: Updates to your AT&T Internet Terms of Service
To: "AT&T Internet Services Customer"

Date: Friday, March 18, 2011, 7:43 PM

Important Updates to your AT&T Internet
Terms of Service
See below for Spanish
Refiérase abajo para español
Dear AT&T Internet Service Customer:

We are updating the AT&T High Speed Internet Terms of Service. We are making these changes to provide greater clarity around the terms of your service and to help us deliver a consistent, high-quality service experience for all of our customers.

We’ve reinforced this notice with additional links providing answers to frequently asked questions. Of course, we are ready and available to answer any questions you may have and to discuss individual account needs or concerns.

Here's a summary of the updates:

      Introduction Revision: We have added email as a separate service because
        we now offer customers without our high speed Internet service the ability to have
        an email.

      Changes to this Agreement: We have changed the acceptance provision so that
        you are now deemed to have accepted the changes to the agreement after the
        30 day notice has passed, rather than immediately after receipt.

      AT&T High Speed Internet Service: We have moved the speed tiers to a link
        within the agreement, for easy reference.

      Service Availability: We have added language to clarify that service is not
        available in all areas, and may not be available at certain speeds (or at all) at
        some locations.

      Service/Site Changes: We have added language stating that AT&T may need to
        modify or discontinue your service, either temporarily or permanently.

      Conversion from DSL to U-verse High Speed Internet: We have added
        language to this agreement that will allow us to convert customers from our DSL
        network to the AT&T U-verse High Speed network, where available.

      Usage: We've added a link at where customers can
        go to get information about AT&T's data usage policy and managing their data

      Dial-up Access Options and Toll Charges: We have added language to clarify
        specific charges that may be incurred. Such charges are your responsibility to pay.

      Collection Agency Fees: We have added language that you are responsible for
        paying collection agency fees AT&T incurs when recovering any money owed to us.

      Email and Termination or Cancellation of Service: We have added language
        explaining that you will keep your email address if you choose to terminate service.

      Abusive Treatment: We have added language that allows AT&T to terminate the
        service of customers who repeatedly harass or abuse our employees.

      Equipment & Software: We have added language to address U-verse equipment
        that is not owned by the customer, and needs to be returned after termination of

      Restrictions on Use & Network Management: We have added language
        to make clear that the AT&T Acceptable Use Policy is incorporated into the terms
        of service. Also, to protect our network from harm and to help us ensure a high
        quality Internet experience for all of our customers, we have added language
        about reasonable network management practices that AT&T may adopt. We will
        provide you with advance notice and details if we implement new network
        management practices that directly impact your service.

      Content: We have added language about mobile data charges for forwarding
        content from the web site to a mobile device.

    We encourage you to review the revised terms and acceptable use policy. Please visit:

      Please note, that by continuing to use the Service, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth in the Terms of Service document.

      Visit our online support site at for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

      Thank you for being an AT&T Internet member. We are happy to have you as part of our online community and look forward to continuing to serve your Internet needs.

      Your AT&T Internet Service Customer Care Team

The address is automated, unattended, and cannot help with questions or requests.
© 2011 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T and the AT&T logo are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property.

Actualizaciones importantes de los términos del servicio de Internet de AT&T
Estimado cliente de Internet de AT&T:

En este momento, estamos realizando actualizaciones a los términos del servicio de Internet de Alta Velocidad de AT&T. La finalidad de estos cambios es ofrecer mayor claridad acerca de los términos de su servicio y ayudarnos a brindar una experiencia de servicio uniforme y de alta calidad a todos nuestros clientes.

Hemos reforzado este aviso con enlaces adicionales que ofrecen respuestas a preguntas frecuentes. De todos modos, recuerde que estamos a disposición para contestar otras preguntas que pueda tener y analizar inquietudes o situaciones sobre cuentas individuales.

A continuación se ofrece un resumen de las actualizaciones:

      Revisión de la introducción: hemos añadido el correo electrónico como un
        servicio aparte porque ahora ofrecemos a los clientes que no tengan nuestro
        servicio de Internet de alta velocidad la posibilidad de tener correo electrónico

      Cambios a este Contrato: hemos modificado la cláusula de aceptación, de modo
        que ahora se considerará que ha aceptado los cambios al contrato luego de
        transcurridos 30 días de la notificación en vez de inmediatamente después a la

      Servicio de Internet de alta velocidad de AT&T: transferimos los niveles de
        velocidad a un enlace indicado en el contrato,,
        para facilidad de referencia.

      Disponibilidad del servicio: añadimos la aclaración de que el servicio no se
        ofrece en todas las áreas, y de que es posible que en algunos lugares no se
        ofrezca en ciertas velocidades (o en ninguna).

      Cambios al servicio o sitio: añadimos la disposición de que AT&T puede tener la
        necesidad de modificar o descontinuar su servicio, ya sea en forma temporal o

      Cambio de DSL a Internet de Alta Velocidad de U-verse: añadimos
        disposiciones a este contrato que nos permitirán cambiar a los clientes de
        nuestra red DSL a la red de Internet de Alta Velocidad de AT&T U-verse, en
        aquellos lugares donde se ofrezca.

      Uso: añadimos un enlace a (en inglés) donde los
        clientes pueden obtener información sobre la norma de uso de datos de AT&T
        y administrar su uso de datos.

      Opciones de acceso por marcado y cargos adicionales: añadimos
        aclaraciones sobre cargos específicos que se pueden generar. El cliente es
        responsable del pago de dichos cargos.

      Cargos de agencias de cobranzas: añadimos disposiciones sobre la
        responsabilidad del cliente de pagar los cargos de agencias de cobranzas que
        genere AT&T cuando deba cobrar importes que se le adeuden.

      Correo electrónico y desconexión o cancelación del servicio: añadimos la
        explicacióón de que el cliente conservará su dirección de correo electrónico si
        decide desconectar el servicio.

      Trato abusivo: añadimos disposiciones que permiten a AT&T desconectar el
        servicio de aquellos clientes que reiteradamente hostiguen a nuestros
        empleados o les dispensen un trato abusivo.

      Equipo y software: añadimos disposiciones acerca del equipo de U-verse que
        no pertenece al cliente y debe ser devuelto luego de la desconexión del servicio.

      Restricciones sobre el uso y administración de la red: hemos añadido
        disposiciones para dejar claro que la Norma de uso aceptable (en inglés),
        queda incorporada a los términos del servicio. Asimismo, a fin de proteger
        nuestra red contra daños y para ayudarnos a ofrecer una experiencia de
        Internet de alta calidad, hemos añadido disposiciones sobre prácticas razonables
        de administración de la red que AT&T puede adoptar. Le notificaremos con
        anticipación y le ofreceremos información detallada si implementamos nuevas
        prácticas de administración de la red que influyan directamente en su servicio.

      Contenido: añadimos disposiciones sobre los cargos del servicio móvil de datos
        generados por reenviar contenido desde el sitio web a un equipo móvil.

    Le recomendamos que revise la Norma de uso aceptable y los términos actualizados. Visite:

      Recuerde que al continuar usando el servicio, acepta los términos y condiciones establecidos en el documento de términos del servicio.

      Visite nuestro sitio de ayuda en Internet en para consultar una lista de preguntas frecuentes.

      AT&T agradece su preferencia por el servicio de Internet de AT&T. Nos complace que forme parte de nuestra comunidad de Internet y esperamos continuar satisfaciendo sus necesidades en relación con dicho servicio.

      Su equipo de servicio al cliente de Internet de AT&T

No conteste este correo electrónico.
Se envió desde una dirección automática y sin supervisión, de modo que no recibirá respuesta a preguntas o solicitudes.
© 2011 AT&T Intellectual Property. Todos los derechos reservados. AT&T y su logotipo son marcas comerciales de AT&T Intellectual Property.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Take a closer look at the built-in setup wizard on the NPort A Series

Remote Ethernet to Serial Port Device
Having trouble viewing this? Click here
Moxa Online - Buy evaluation units direct from Moxa

Using the setup wizard on the NPort A Series

Watch the video!

 Video demo of the setup wizard 


Did you know that you can set up any NPort A Series device server in about 30 seconds? That's because each NPort A Series device server has a built-in setup wizard that walks you through the most common settings. Click here to watch a video demo.


Evaluation units available for online purchase

If you're ready for an evaluation unit, Moxa offers a convenient online ordering service that can deliver anywhere in the USA within two days. The following NPort A Series products are now available: 

Details and Ordering

Ethernet Switches | USB | Serial & Fieldbus | Wireless & Cellular | IP Video | Remote I/O | Industrial Computers
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Moxa Inc. | 3001 Enterprise Street #210 | Brea | CA | 92821

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Apple iPad 2 is here

Recent iPad 2 emailed announcement from Apple Computers.
Sent: Fri, March 11, 2011 1:36:04 AM
Subject: iPad 2 is here.
Shop Online     |     Find a Store     |     1-800-MY-APPLE
iPad 2. It's thinner. It's lighter. It's faster. And it is here.
Buy Online
Order your new iPad from the Apple Online Store now and get free shipping and free engraving.
Buy now
Buy at the Apple Retail Store
Pick up your iPad starting at 5:00 p.m. today, and we'll help you set it up before you leave the store.
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Compared with previous iPad.
iPad Smart Cover sold separately. The leather Smart Cover is crafted from high-quality, naturally treated material that gets its color from a rich aniline dye. Some color may rub off during use.
A portion of the proceeds from every (PRODUCT) RED purchase will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.
Some products or promotions are not available outside the U.S. Product specifications are subject to change.
TM and copyright © 2011 Apple Inc. 1 Infinite Loop, MS 96-DM, Cupertino, CA 95014

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Apple iPad 2

Some of the latest news about the iPad2 ALL NEW DESIGN:

The problem with most pads is that they are slow. The menus take too long to react.  iPad promises to be fast and light, and thinner than an iPhone 4, for real.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs explains the newest features:

More info form other bloggers:

Apple Refunds $100 to Recent Buyers of Old iPad

Apple to refund $100 to shoppers who bought an original iPad at Apple stores in last 14 days