Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FYI: What's New in the Front App? Variables in Canned Responses, Improved Salesforce integration, and more...

FYI - Uodate from the Front Team September 30, 2015

 These will be available to you as soon as you refresh your Front app.

1. Attachments in Comments
Many times it is necessary to share a document or image with someone, in order to provide more information. We realized that this is not only true for replies, but also for Comments. Now, you can also include attachments in Comments! Simply click on the clip icon on the right side inside the Comment box.

2. Variables in Canned Responses
Canned Responses are a great way to more quickly reply to common questions. However, they can sometimes feel a little impersonal. Now, you can personalize these responses using variables. Variables allow you to address the recipient by their first name, include the name of the Sales Rep who you spoke with, and many other pieces of information. Here is a list of the variables available.

3. Improved Salesforce integration
We announced our Salesforce integration last week, and we're already adding more functionality to it! Now, besides being able to surface and edit Contact, Lead and Opportunity information, and create a Salesforce Lead from Front, you can also create and edit a Salesforce Task directly within Front. 

4. Disable keyboard shortcuts
Our keyboard shortcuts allow you quickly trigger an action by pressing a single key. However, for those who don't use keyboard shortcuts, these immediate actions might happen unwillingly, causing frustration. This is why you can now choose to disable them (they are enabled by default). Simply press Command + Shift + P, type "Shortcuts" in the search box, and click on "Toggle Flag: Disable Gmail shortcuts" ([off] = shortcuts enabled, [on] = shortcuts disabled).

5. Improved Trello integration
Our Trello integration allows you to easily create a new Trello card or attach a conversation to an already existing one, all within Front. We've added two more capabilities to this useful integration, both for when you create a new card: you can now specify a due date for your card, and all of the Front conversation will be included in the description of the Trello card. 

6. Specify default location for downloads (only for Windows desktop app)
Some of us prefer to have our downloads saved in a folder other than Downloads. For those who use our Windows desktop app, you can now specify what folder you'd like to use as a default for all your Front downloads. To do so, right-click on the menu bar, and select "Change the download location". 

7. We now support Intercom Acquire
Many Intercom users find their Live Chat feature, part of the Intercom Acquire package, very useful. We are happy to announce that we now support Intercom Acquire, which means you can add Live Chat as an inbox in Front. 


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