Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Web Optimization and Performance Info

Subject: Read Performance Tips from Google, Airbnb, & Mobify in July's Top 10 Optimizer Edition!

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10 New Ways to Optimize Your App


Measuring Performance of the User Experience

Even though Page Load time is a cornerstone web performance metrics, it can easily lead your performance tuning efforts in the wrong direction.

How Mobile Experiences Shape our Perceptions Through Illusions of Speed

Sometimes the illusion of mobile app speed is more important to the user experience than actual speed itself.

Airbnb's Latest Performance Tuning Report

The #webperf gurus at Airbnb give us a look into the company's performance tuning efforts.

How Important are Keep-Alives & Connection Management?

Learn how to avoid the performance 'gotchas' that go along with enabling HTTP 1.1 Keep-Alives.

New Findings: Typical Leading eCommerce Sites Take 4.9 Seconds to Serve Usable Content

Despite popular assumptions, Radware's latest State of the Union report shows that the top eCommerce sites are continuing to slow down.

Profile-Guided JavaScript Optimization

Ariya Hidayat explains how you can use PGO to squeeze the last ounce of performance from your JavaScript.

PHP and Async Requests with File Based Sessions

Paul Reinheimer investigates a problem he recently ran into with file based sessions.

18 Questions (& Answers) About Google, Site Speed and SEO

Tammy Everts explains how Google will be factoring mobile app performance into its search ranking algorithm.

How Fast Are We Going Now?

There's no escaping it – web pages have gotten bigger, while the adoption of performance best practices has been going down. Steve Sounders shows how developers can continue to add more content and make their site even faster.

5 Easy Tablet Optimizations You Can Make on Your Website Right Now

Mobify shares five easy optimizations you can make to turn your website into a superb experience for tablet users.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to remove Glass Door from LG Washing Machine

Images on how to remove Glass Door from LG Washing Machine.

Just need a Phillips screw driver.

Suggest 2 people. 1 to hold the door while unscrewing it and mounting the new door.

LG Stream Washer. 

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Address Checking in your forms. :SmartyStreets - Autocomplete

Time saving for form using customer and members, labor saving in the back office correcting mistakes and unclear entries.

Couple SmartyStreets with jQuery and your favorite CMS or Widget or Plugin.

From SmartyStreets Email July 9, 2013 9:38 AM. 

FYI: SmartyStreets - Autocomplete, More Faster, Billions per day.

Can't see images? Click here...
SmartyStreets has always been a smarty choice for address verification. Today, we're adding some new reasons why everyone should be an active SmartyStreets customer.
NEW! Address autocomplete: suggestions as you type—We're excited to announce our new address autocomplete feature, which gives suggestions as you type! It comes at no extra cost to you, and is built right into our jQuery plugin—all you have to do is use the latest version, 2.4, and it seamlessly integrates with your site. You are also able to filter suggestions by certain cities and/or states.
Faster list processing—Where a list of 1 million addresses used to take 67 minutes, that same list now takes only 22 minutes! How fast is that? Think of the time it takes you to get a brain-freeze from drinking a Slurpee: it's even faster than that. Bottom line: you spend less time waiting in line for your data and more time kicking back, enjoying that Slurpee.
Thank you!—We take your feedback seriously. Autocomplete, a faster list service, address extraction, and other features are the results of your comments. We are always here to serve you: last week we processed over a billion addresses, and we still donate our service free to non-profit organizations and educational institutions.
As always, thanks for being a loyal SmartyStreets customer.
Jeffrey and the SmartyStreets Team
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