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FYI: Using Weebly To Design Your Website


Using Weebly To Design Your Website

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Getting Started Is Easy
Once you have a clear plan of what you want your site to look like, access the Weebly Drag and Drop Site Builder under the "Website" section of your control panel. Weebly provides an easy way to create a dynamic website, and no prior knowledge of HTML is required.

To help you get started, we've put together a quick four-step guide:

1. Your First Step Is Choosing a Template

  • Select the "Design" tab at the top left corner of the Weebly homepage
  • Click "All Themes" in the left column to browse through dozens of professionally created templates
  • Hover your mouse over each thumbnail and click "Preview" to see what it looks like full size
  • Finalize your template selection by clicking "Use Theme" or choose "Cancel" to continue browsing
Tip: As you choose your template and customize it for your website, remember to stick with no more than three to five colors.

2. Adding Content: The Basis for Your Site

  • Select the "Elements" tab at the top left corner of the Weebly homepage
  • Add a title, picture, text, etc., simply by dragging the appropriate box to the template
Tip: To maintain your site's professionalism, use only high quality images. If you don't have your own professional photos, we recommend buying inexpensive images from

3. Create That "Wow" Factor with Multimedia

  • Select the "Elements" tab at the top left corner of the Weebly homepage
  • Click "Multimedia" from the column on the left
  • Add elements that make your site more interactive and increase the value for your visitors
Tip: Use multimedia tools to relate to your audience more effectively. Consider who you'd like to visit your site and what you want that person to do when they're there. For example, if you sell unique merchandise, create a Flash video, specific to your targeted customer, that will help him/her better understand how your product works.

4. When You're Happy with Your Site, Publish It!

  • To publish your site, simply click the orange "Publish" button at the top right corner of the Weebly interface — it's that easy! Your site will be available for the world to see.
Tip: Remember — publishing is never final; in fact, to keep traffic flowing and to get recognized by search engines, you should update your content frequently.

Building your site with Weebly is easy. To see it in action, we recommend watching this video our team put together.

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