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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fast/Economical envelope printing setting

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On HP Photosmart C4795

Envelopes fly off the printer, but no catch tray.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No Heat Gas Dryer - LG Tromm dlg5988w

No Heat was happening on our Gas Dryer model LG Tromm dlg5988w. Dryer repair tip: Geek Squad wanted $100 to diagnose, and would take 2 weeks to come out. Found the possible answer. Remove front and reset heat sensor located in the lower right of the dryer. Need to take off the front cover door unit.

Small metal button between 2 wires, but similar to a button on a surge bar. Located in the lower right corner, on the heating flu. 2 of them.

Steps: 1. remove top cover (slides off - after 3 back screws off), 2. Loosen front control panel to expose front cover screws. 3. Remove other front cover screws (careful to brace the door so it won't smash, it's glass), there a few on top under the control panel and a a few screws accessed with the door open.  You don't have to remove the door latch screws, but you should remove the switch wire on top.

4. Vacuum out dust and reset the sensor and put back together.

Our Machine is 6 years old and had 1 service call already. Motor is still good and quiet.

These are the front door screw that are under the control panel.