Thursday, November 20, 2014

One button click App development and deployment now even easier.

FYI:  Push button App development and deployment now even easier.
November 20,2014  
Deploy to Heroku with New Dropbox Sync


Heroku's new Dropbox Sync, just released in beta, enables you to create a deployment workflow that works for multiple situations and for every member of your team.
Why is this useful?
  • ​Makes it easy for designers to deploy changes to stylesheets and images for your app
  • Hack your app in an emergency on the go from your mobile device
  • Add new content to your static app by just dropping in a new file
Getting set up for Dropbox deploys is incredibly simple, and can be done from the comfort of a browser window. Just navigate to the Code tab in Dashboard for any given app and click Connect to Dropbox:

Don't have an app? Then try the following Heroku Button, which deploys a simple app built using Node and Harp:

Once it's deployed, in one browser tab open the app by clicking "View," and in another click "Make your first edit", which opens the Code tab. Then just click the "Connect to Dropbox" button.
Now make a change. In this app you can change the slideshow by editing
index.jade in the public directory, and then click "Deploy" from the Code tab.
Here are some resources to learn more:

Happy Coding!
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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