Saturday, November 28, 2009

Verizon MiFi 2200 - Novatel Wireless Mobile Hotspot

Just unboxed.  Novatel Wireless MiFi2200 VZW Have to connect by USB and intsall VZAcess Manager to get started for the first time.

Not sure if the Windows 7 computer would like that, so I set it up on the XP machine.
I hope the speeds pick up.  I have the MiFi by the window.  Took off the plastic protector.  And running on a fully charged battery.
Speed test: 
Only got 352K down and 452k up so far.
my iPhone was slower at 276kpbs.  So this would not work if I depended on it for connection to the web.
I just need it for a few remotes connections in December. So I'll see if speed picks up.  

NEXT: plugged it in to the charger that it came with and got 661kpbs down and 369k up. And got 595K on the iphone.
Had much better speeds from AT&T Sierra Wireless usb card, but it kept crashing and I couldn't work for more than 30 minutes on it.
Next I want to change my ssid and password.  It's WPA2 but seems like it could be cracked (or even the factory could leak the settings.)
The "Important Info" card says go to for detailed instructions. but that didn't work.
Then went to:
but didnt' work either.  I found out that Novatel built thier site on Joomla, because the link to the Users Guide goes to the admin page:§ion=documents&task=download&bid=30 
I hope they fix that, looks like security risk.
NEXT just went to the default IP .. on my browser. and used the pw: admin and got in.
NEXT: changed the default stuff.  (but for now kept it on Chanel 11 and b/g.)
There are more security settings if you need them.  MAC filtering, Turn off DHCP,  or plan on using this for just your own computers.  Verizon has nice little warning they YOU are responsible if anyone hacks in the steal more than the alotted 5GB of data.

There is port forwarding, but only what's built in.   NO IP CAMERA port. and NO CUSTOM port forwarding.
Application IP Address on WLAN DNS (Domain Name Server) FTP Server HTTP (Web) Server NNTP Server POP3 Server SMTP Server SNMP Server Telnet Server TFTP Server ONLY THESE:
Application IP Address on WLAN  DNS (Domain Name Server)     FTP Server     HTTP (Web) Server     NNTP Server     POP3 Server     SMTP Server     SNMP Server     Telnet Server     TFTP Server    This might only for the Verizon version, but not sure.
Overall the device works well, is very small, speeds around 700K so far for me (with 4 bars on the signal meter).  Gets a little hot, and i'm not sure how I'm going to mount it if I don't want the kids to mess with it.  I'm think a duffle bag or a some kind of zipper case.
Got it on sale for $49 and a gift card coming from Best Buy.    The problem that I'm working on is the contract for 2 years at $59.  I'm going to see if there is a day pass, or if there is some way to put the account on hold when if I'm not going to use if for a while.  So many places have WiFi that I can get by without for long stretches of time.

That's it so far on the Novatel Wireless MiFi2200 from Verizon.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Windows 7 Compitbility Mode Installing XP and Vista Programs

Should you run the installer in compatibility Mode in Windows 7?

I would assume yes.  Why waste time trying to load a 300mb exe and then have to do it again and again.

Right Click on the EXE installer and you can set it manually or choose "Trouble Shoot Compatibiliy"

My Acrobat Pro Trial installer supprised me that it picked XP service pack 2 as the Trouble shot mode.   So it's probably better to go lower than Vista if possible.   FYI:  It warns not to use compatibility mode for any Anti-Virus software.

" Do not use the Program Compatibility troubleshooter on older antivirus programs, disk utilities, or other system programs because it might cause data loss or create a security risk."

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Windows 7 - hard to find HP Printer Driver for LJ1012 November 2009

I never imagined that Windows 7 wouldn't work with my HP printers.   I always bought HP becuase they lasted so long.  I serveral printers over 4 years old.

It seems HP is working on so fast that they can't keep their website updated.   KEEP SEARCHING if you can't find your driver right away. Search Google.

I was reading this message board and someone got the HP Laserjet 3055 PCL5  driver to work with HP LJ 1012 on Windows Vista 7.

But then below that without any comments was a link to the HP LJ1012 driver for Windows 7  x64

Today is November 23 2009

Enhancements: Windows 7 Compatible One the page if you choose Windows 7 it says it's a Vista x64 driver with Windows 7 enhancements.

Released:  2009-11-05

Enhancements: Windows 7 Compatible

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Note taken on 11/21/09 11:43:26 AM PST.

Sample of artwork converted by JotNot. Great for documents and art. Creates your choice of PDF, JPEG or PNG Fire Vs. Ice by Johnbenedict

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Windows XP stuck on boot up (Black Screen / Intel Logo)

In my case the CPU was stuck or hung up on the intel logo. Won't give an error or beep, so I guessed it was an accessory or an attachment. First I unplugged all USB devices... Still stuck. Then I remembered this happened before and I removed my SD card from the built in card reader and I was back in business. This is an 8GB chip so probably this size is the problem. I'll just leave my self a note next time I put the chip in.

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Windows 7 Home Premium Updates

Just cracked open Sony Vaio VGN-NW240f with Windows 7 and first task is Update ....Windows Update. Didn't this just come out. Over 19 updates the first round and taking about 10 minutes to deal with. So far windows 7 interface is the same as Vista. The say it's changed under the hood, but i have already gotten programs to freeze... And explorer stops responding. Next I am going to try my Seagate Replica to restore my files.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Electric Vehichle - 1 seater

Electric car. Licensed as a motorcycle. San Francisco CA

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