Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vizio Universal HD Wireless Router

Vizio Router XWR100
Great for wired & wireless connection to HD A/V equipment. Prioritizes video data so other users or devices can't interrupt your streaming movies.

Available At Costco: $69.99
(FYI: the ecco friendly plastic box can be pried open on the side with a butter knife. Don't need scissors.)

- USB 2.0 port connects a shared USB hard drive. - universal : 5ghz & 2.4 ghz
- wireless & 4 ports for wired
- 1 year warranty
- connect to setup from home at http://vizio.home
Support at

Online info for Vizio Router

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Announcing New DNS Service from AWS (Amazon Route 53)

Subject: Announcing New DNS Service from AWS (Amazon Route 53)

Dear Amazon Web Services Customer,


We're excited to introduce today a highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) service - Amazon Route 53. It is designed to give developers and businesses a reliable and cost effective way to route end users to Internet applications by translating human readable names like into the numeric IP addresses like that computers use to connect to each other. Route 53 effectively connects user requests to infrastructure running in Amazon Web Services (AWS) -- such as an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance, an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer, or an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket -- and can also be used to route users to infrastructure outside of AWS.


A reliable, cloud-based DNS service has been one of the most requested offerings by our customers. With Route 53, you can create a "hosted zone" to add DNS records for a new domain or transfer DNS records for a domain you currently own. Route 53 is also designed to work well with other AWS offerings, such as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). By using AWS IAM with Route 53, you can control who in your organization can make changes to your DNS records. In the future, we plan to add additional integration features such as the ability to automatically tie your Amazon Elastic Load Balancer instances to a DNS name, and the ability to route your customers to the closest EC2 region.


Route 53 is also designed to be fast and simple. It uses a global network of DNS servers to respond to end users with low latency and has an easy-to-use, self-service API. There are no long-term contracts or minimum usage commitments for using Route 53 - you pay $1.00 per month for the hosted zones you manage, $0.50 per million queries for the first billion queries, and $0.25 per million queries above a billion. To learn more about Amazon Route 53 visit the Amazon Route 53 detail page or the Getting Started Guide.





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Monday, November 22, 2010

New Parking Meters Coming to the Mission

Fall 2010

New Credit Card Parking Meters
San Francisco Mission
on Valencia St. 15th St. to 24th

Mission St. - 16th to 23rd. St
And various other location.

"Get Fewer Parking Tickets"

according to SFMTA & SF park program.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Texas Sales Tax on eCommerce Merchants

November 9, 2010

Recent changes to sales tax rules in Texas may require ecommerce merchants using a server located in Texas to collect tax on sales made to customers in Texas.

How do the changes to Texas sales tax rules affect my business

Here is a great article from "eCommerce Times" about the new Texas Sales Tax rule that says if you have or use a server in Texas it means you have a "presence" there and now should collect sales tax.

For information about the new tax rule in Texas, please see the Texas Administrative Code, RULE §3.286, "Seller's and Purchaser's Responsibilities, including Nexus, Permits, Returns and Reporting Periods, Collection and Exemption Rules, and Criminal Penalties."$ext.TacPage?sl=R&app=9&p_dir=&p_rloc=&p_tloc=&p_ploc=&pg=1&p_tac=&ti=34&pt=1&ch=3&rl=286

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Meters Goin in on 22nd Street - San Francisco Mission

November 2nd, 2010
Another meter change just a few years after putting in the digital meters. This area is near the City College Mission Campus so they can take advantage of the adjustable rates when students try to park for class. (They rebuilt and expanded that campus with limited additional parking for students or teachers. Small underground garage for Handicap parking and some staff parking.)

This is on 22nd Street, near the Popeyes Chicken. 

The logo on the truck is Street  parking meter company StreetSmart Technology LLC.

From thier May 15th, 2009 Press Release:

"StreetSmart Technology LLC is a Kennesaw, GA, based technology services provider specializing in the field of remote asset management. StreetSmart helps municipalities monitor and maintain their geographically distributed assets to maximize operational efficiency, customer service and revenues while minimizing maintenance related headaches, maintenance expenses, and environmental impact."

"In addition to Decatur, GA, the StreetSmart Solution™ is currently in operation in Afula and Beni Braq, Israel, Pacific Grove, CA, and on the campus of Florida International University."


Solar Powered Access Points on San Francisco Light Poles

Sorry, not for free public Wi-Fi. They are for new automatic parking meter communication. Coming soon to 22nd and Mission, San Francisco.

Read more about the new parking meters coming to the Mission:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SF Giants World Series

This home run made it 3-0.

Top of the 7th. November 1st, 2010.

Screen caps - FOX sports network

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BOLT - iPhone Web Browser (Works with

This iPhone browser works better for some ASP driven websites.

Here is the App Store link to BOLT.

It can emulate IE - Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Helped with Safari login problem on

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TeamViewer - Free Remote Access and Remote Desktop Sharing over the Internet

TeamViewer - the All-In-One Solution for Remote Access and Support over the Internet
TeamViewer connects to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. You can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right in front of it. Find out why more than 100 million users trust TeamViewer!

Works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Great Free Applications and Software for Students

FREE and Free Trial Apps and Software for Students

Great for students, non-profits and developers.  

Audacity is a free audio editor. You can record sounds, play sounds, import and export WAV, AIFF, and MP3 files, and more. Use it to edit your sounds using Cut, Copy and Paste (with unlimited Undo), mix tracks together, or apply effects to your recordings.

AudioGrabber is a complete solution to create perfect copies of CD audio on your hard drive and to rip CDs directly to MP3 format.

Celestia is a real-time 3D space simulator that allows to to travel throughout the solar system, to any of over 100,000 stars, or even beyond the galaxy. All travel in Celestia is seamless; the zoom feature lets you explore space across a huge range of scales, from galaxy clusters down to spacecraft only a few meters across.

Convert is a free and easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions!

CutePDF Writer allows you to convert any printable document to PDF format. It installs as a virtual printer and is available from any application that offers a `Print` option. The program is easy to use, just select the CutePDF printer and click the print button.

Fast Stone Capture
FastStone Capture is a screen capture utility with integrated image viewer and capture editor. It enables you to capture Windows, objects, selections or the entire desktop, and apply additional editing tools like resizing, sharpening, shapes, text, watermarks and more.

Keynote is a flexible, multi-featured tabbed notebook, that offers a combination of simple and tree-type notes, rich text editor, ability to mix notes of different types in a single file and optional secure encryption using the Blowfish or Idea algorithms. It can be used as a simple scratchpad for quick notes and ideas, or as a personal contacts organizer, bookmark manager, project manager, password storage and much more.

NoteIT is a personal notes organizer that runs in the system tray and provides quick access to write down and save notes. The program offers an easy to use interface with note items organized in a tree view. You can send a note by email, password protect selected items and also backup your entire collection of notes.

OpenOffice Suite
OpenOffice is a free, Open Source alternative to MS Office with a Word compatible word processor, a complete Excel compatible spread sheet program and a Power Point like presentation software and drawing program and also allows to save to PDF file.

PhotoFiltre is a complete image editing and effects package, that will not only amaze you with features but also the fact that it is free (for personal use).

Picasa is a powerful, yet easy to use and attractive tools suite to manage and organize your digital images and photos. It offers one simple place to organize, enjoy, and share your pictures.

ShirusuPad is a small program with a stylish interface, that allows you to keep notes of any kind. The notes are organized in tabs, and a unique feature allows you to simply drag a note onto your desktop, to turn it into a desktop sticky note.

WinAlarm is a small and easy to use reminder program that can pop up an alert box at specified times, reminding you of things that need to be done. You can set up one-time reminders or recurring events that will remind you every day, week or year.

Wordweb is a powerful free English thesaurus and dictionary. It comes with a local database of definitions, therefore it is very fast. In addition it offers to look up the word over the Internet if it is not found in the local database.

This online calendar is free, quick and easy to use.

Cool Text
Great place to make banners for Blackboard sites, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Terrific source for PowerPoint templates, free music clips and much more.

Compiled from different sources of free software downloads.  Please at your own risk. Most are for Windows operating system.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

AT&T Cell Phone Fine Print - AT&T Mobility - Data Plan Requirment

AT&T Fine Print from an email dated October 14th, 2010

You can make your own conclusion, but I reccomend that you use your Wi-Fi connection as much as possible.  Also if you don't need any data and just want POPCICLE   (plan old phone call incoming call listen easily.) then you should get a NON-smart phone.  Like our old Nokia phones.
Data Plan Requirement: Smartphones require a DataPlus (200MB) or DataPro (2GB) plan. If you exceed your initial data allowance, you will automatically be charged an additional $10 for each additional 1GB provided on DataPro or an additional $15 for each additional 200MB provided on DataPlus. All data allowances, including overages, must be used in the billing period in which the allowance is provided or they will be forfeited. For more details on Data Plans, go to

Wireless from AT&T: Credit approval and new, two-year service commitment on eligible wireless calling plan required. Coverage not available in all areas. See map at for details. Other conditions and restrictions apply. See contract and rate plan brochure for details. Subscriber must live and have a mailing address within AT&T’s owned network coverage area.

Phone Return Policy/Early Termination Fee: No Early Termination Fee if service canceled within 30 days of purchase but up to $35 Restocking Fee may apply for returned devices; thereafter, the Early Termination Fee will be up to $325 if purchasing certain specified equipment (check for list) or up to $150 for other equipment. Independent agents may impose additional equipment-related charges. Sales tax calculated on un-activated price of handset. Early Termination Fee subject to change.

Rollover Minutes®: Unused Anytime Minutes expire after the 12th billing period. Night and Weekend minutes and Mobile to Mobile minutes do not roll over. Nights and Weekends: Night hours are 9 pm to 6 am Monday to Friday; weekend hours are 9 pm Friday to 6 am Monday.

Offnet Usage: If your minutes of use (including unlimited services) on other carriers’ networks (“offnet usage”) during any two consecutive months or your data use during any month exceeds your offnet usage allowance, AT&T may at its option terminate your service, deny your continued use of other carriers’ coverage, or change your plan to one imposing usage charges for offnet usage. Your offnet usage allowance is equal to the lesser of 750 minutes or 40% of the Anytime Minutes included with your plan (data offnet usage allowance is the lesser of 24 MB or 20% of the KB included with your plan).

Games/Video/Ringtones/Graphics/Messaging: Standard usage rates apply, depending on your plan. See for terms & conditions.

This is an AT&T promotional email.

TM & © 2010 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2010 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T and the AT&T logo are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property.

AT&T Mobility, 1055 Lenox Park Blvd. Atlanta, GA 30319-5309, United States of America.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Create Google Data Feed from Yahoo Store XML File using only Excel 2007

Create Google Data Feed from Yahoo Store XML File

Using Microsoft Excel 2007
 -- Using formulas,  VLOOKUP and CONCATENATE

1. Save the Catalog XML file from the Yahoo Store Manager -> Search Engines Section

2. Open the file in Excel 2007

3.  Save as an Excel Spreadsheet.

4.  In Excel:
  • PART 1 - Clean up the file
  •   You can turn off the data filter
  •   You will get a HEADER like this:
    StoreID StoreName PublishTimestamp ID ID2 Type ID3 Type4 Value ID5 TableID TableFieldID Value6 TableFieldID7 Key Value8
  • Delete the first 9 columns. - Up to ID5.   ID5 contains the unique product IDs that Google feed can use as the id.
  • PART 2 -- CLEAN the image link and the description fileds.
  • Sort by "Value 6" (the data column)
  •  -- Look for all the " image tags  <  i  m  g ....  
  • cut and paste them into the next sheet -- temporarily.
  •   -  use text to column to cut out the link only and remove the HTML image tag.  delimit by equals (=) sign.
  •      then search and replace with blank the last > at the end of the tag.
  •     being careful not loose your place, paste back the correct and cleaned image urls.

  to be continued ...  

 Contact me if you need more information on how the get this Google feed converted.

Google Data Feed Specifications:

Tried some XML editors and converters but they were too complicated.  This XML editor has a free 30 day trial if you want to try it:   XML Editor

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ideas on How to Fix the Flip Video

If it's under warranty call or contact Flip Video (division of Cisco):  (try the 24/7 chat)

If you out of warranty or too impatient to call support here a few things:

RESET BUTTON on Flip Video

from youtube user

REMOVE BATTERY (try to reboot the bios).

A solution to the dreaded charging error of the Flip Ultra Hd.

Steps from youtube user

1. Take battery out of camcorder.
2. plug camcorder in computer.
3. once it is connected and the computer recognizes it (either you hear a sound, and or it goes to autoplay) place battery in camcorder. (the batter that it came with)
4. safe eject camera. You know its safe eject if there is an icon on your notification panel on the bottom right hand of your screen. (windows)safe eject means to right click on the safe eject button in the bottom right side of your screen on your computer and then click safely remove hardware.
5. plug camcorder back in and let it charge.
6. pray it works. It will!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

FYI: Earn commissions by recommending SplashID and other SplashData products

  SplashData Affiliate Program

About SplashData's Affiliate Program

SplashData's Affiliate Program provides great benefits to its partners as well as association with one of the market leaders in mobile security and productivity. Some highlights of the new Affiliate Program include:

  • Generous Commission Structure - 10% commission on all SplashData product sales generated. Bonuses and increased commission rates for high performing affiliates.
  • Customer Specials and Discounts – These rotating specials can range from 5% off all SplashData products for your visitors or clients to "Buy 1, Get 1 Free" promotions.
  • Ready-To-Use Marketing Content – SplashData logos, screenshots, marketing copy and banner ads.
  • Sales Support - Tips, tricks, and tools from us on how to sell more products, generate more traffic and increase your commissions.


Become a fan on:  facebook    Follow us on:  Twitter

© SplashData, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
201 Los Gatos-Saratoga Road, Los Gatos, CA 95030


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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Facebook Developers - Put Like Button on any Web Page

Facebook Developers

Experience the web with Facebook friends.

Social plugins let you see what your friends have liked, commented on or shared on sites across the web. All social plugins are extensions of Facebook and are specifically designed so none of your data is shared with the sites on which they appear.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sony’s $129 N100 Media Player

Stream Internet Video and music. (YouTube, Pandora, Slacker, NPR) to any TV.

Also reads USB Stick and Network Media shares for a huge range of sharing options.

Connects by network cable or wirelessly.

Available soon.

SolutionSet :: blog » Blog Archive » A funny thing happened on the way to the ecommerce transaction.

SolutionSet :: blog » Blog Archive » A funny thing happened on the way to the ecommerce transaction.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is 5 letters, all found on the left side of your keyboard.”

Quote By A Lefty

Jimmy Johnson quotes

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yahoo Weather Widget Glitch?

4 degrees Farenheit in Sunnyvale CA?

August 1, 2010

Yahoo Weather widget has a very low temp. Seen at moon weather graphic and the graphic on graphic. You see a large 4• with the correct temp under.

Also, my Lotto App had a little glitch today.

Shows the next lotto drawing on Dec. 31, 1969. August 1st has some bugs.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why does iPhone take so long to back up? - Mac Forums

Why does iTunes update requires a reboot.
Sometimes slower equals safer and more reliable, and Apple is asking for progress along the way via internet.

More iPhone Backup Info:

Things that install quickly usually use the Microsoft components and are then depend on MS for future updates.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

iPhone Web App - Yahoo Mail 4.0

This iPhone Safari browser app for Yahoo email looks great, has lots of desktop features and works great. Works better than the App since you don't have to keep jumping from App to browser. The full email search is helpful and the image handling is better than desktop.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

iPhone 4 Antenna Problem a Feature Not a Glitch

If Apple was aware of the Antenna issue, maybe they meant to make it into a "Quick Call Drop" feature.
Example: iPhone Usage:  - QCD (Quick Call Drop): To quickly drop a call from the AT&T network, touch lower left corner of of the iPhone 4.

Today: Apple calls reporters to an iPhone 4 news conference. Woz offers iPhone signal advice. Plus: Google, AMD earnings. Silicon Valley home sales. Larry Ellison won't be buying the Golden State Warriors. And: Another Netflix deal. View Full Story

Monday, July 12, 2010

San Francisco to Host 34th America's Cup - Sailing Races

Thanks to database, software and tech genius Larry Ellison, who owns BMW Oracle Racing, San Francisco is the sole U.S. Candidate host the next America's Cup.  The BMW Oracle Sailing Racing Team, winner or the 33rd America's Cup and hence Defender for the next Match will choose the venue.

The 34th America’s Cup is scheduled for 2013 or 2014, the year to be determined by infrastructure development lead-times.

The longest running sport cup challenge has a long long selection process, so the final decision will be announced by the end of 2010. Four European countries are also being studied by the American Defender BMW Oracle Racing team.

GGYC/BOR will announce a final decision on the venue, along with the date and other details of the next America’s Cup by the end of this year.

Read About it on the America's Cup Website:

34th America's Cup Defender:

SF Gate Info: Read more:

Other Info:

Read about the America's Cup Trophy:

Apple iPhone 4 Must Read

Consumer Reports can't recommend iPhone 4 because of antenna problems

Read more:

iPhone 4 Antenna Review

How to Fix iPhone 4 Antenae problem? 




All modern Cell phone have some antenna problems, read the stickers that you pulled off your last phone. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Netgear $99 Digital Entertainer Live - Web Media Player Review

Download now or watch on posterous
IMG_8009.MOV (5318 KB)

HD and RCA out.
Review of Netgear Model: EVA2000-100NAS
HD TV Media Player, YouTube, Movies and More.

Can read from locally networked computers and USB drives.

Setup is easy, picture quality is good for RCA and better in HD.

Fast menu and streaming.
Plays alot of video formats; wmv, mpeg, mov, Mp4 etc. But had a limit on quality. Tried to play Flip Video HD exported files and they won't play. Have to down convert the quality. AVI files may not play either.

Using tius device is a great alternative to setting up TV out for recording on a standard DVD recorder.

Need extra device from Netgear to connect wireless.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

iPhone 4: Users report 'fault' on iPhone 4

Users report 'fault' on iPhone 4

iPhone 4 News Article BBC News - June 24th, 2010

BBC News - Users report 'fault' on iPhone 4

"A number of users are reporting problems with their iPhone 4."


Apple iPhone 4 Antenna Problems Confirmed via Tests

By: Mark Hachman

* 06.24.2010

Iphone Test:,2817,2365650,00.asp


How to fix iPhone 4 Reception Issues

Hold it a different way. (don't touch the metal band) Or buy a case for it so that your hand doesn't bridge that gap.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Intuit / Quickbooks / Homestead Support Phone Numbers

Intuit / Quickbooks / Homestead Support Phone Numbers


Intuit Online Payroll


Intuit Complete Payroll


QuickBooks Assisted Payroll


QuickBooks Do-It-Yourself Payroll


QuickBooks Online


QuickBooks Technical Support


QuickBooks Customer Service
  Canada 888-333-8580
  UK 0-808-168-9535


QuickBooks Merchant Services


QuickBase Support


Intuit Websites/Homestead






Professional Advisor's Program


As of 6/21/2010
 For your Informaton:



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Monday, June 14, 2010

Why is Twitter is over capacity. June 9th - June 14th 2010 .. etc.

Have the MIT students found a new way to stop a cloud?

Maybe there is too much hotlinking images of the Fail Whale Gif:

Copyright Twitter, Inc.

Or maybe it's scheduled Maintenence.

We are experiencing site-wide availability issues due to scheduled maintenance. We’re currently working to address the issues. We’ll update with more information as it is available.

Twitter / Over capacity

I wanted to share this on Twitter, but:
Twitter / Over capacity

Twitter is over capacity.

Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again.

Try -- You browser becomes the OS.

Spoon's vision is to make the world's apps available instantly on any desktop.
(Based in Seattle Washington)

This is a great extension built on Spoon:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot

Unboxed & Tested. Sierra Wireless, Sprint Overdrive Mobile Hotspot. Comes with a charger, wallplug, etc. No software needed. Don't setup on an iPhone. It will try, but just hangs. ALLOW TIME for setup. Activating over the phone took over an hour. I used to be a Sprint customer, but had to setup a new account. Firmware upgrade took about 45 minutes and is required for best operation. I got on the Internet, but it acted slow. No 4G in San Francisco. In my house (old contruction) got 747mb down & 326mb up.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Old Style Phone Numbers

Sign still on the wall in San Francisco with old style phone number. DO 2-6535 San Francisco Patrol, Special Police

More Info About This Era:

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pandora on Earth

This rainy San Francisco summer is making these succulents very happy. It reminds me being in Pandora 3D Movie.