Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Meters Goin in on 22nd Street - San Francisco Mission

November 2nd, 2010
Another meter change just a few years after putting in the digital meters. This area is near the City College Mission Campus so they can take advantage of the adjustable rates when students try to park for class. (They rebuilt and expanded that campus with limited additional parking for students or teachers. Small underground garage for Handicap parking and some staff parking.)

This is on 22nd Street, near the Popeyes Chicken. 

The logo on the truck is Street  parking meter company StreetSmart Technology LLC.

From thier May 15th, 2009 Press Release:

"StreetSmart Technology LLC is a Kennesaw, GA, based technology services provider specializing in the field of remote asset management. StreetSmart helps municipalities monitor and maintain their geographically distributed assets to maximize operational efficiency, customer service and revenues while minimizing maintenance related headaches, maintenance expenses, and environmental impact."

"In addition to Decatur, GA, the StreetSmart Solution™ is currently in operation in Afula and Beni Braq, Israel, Pacific Grove, CA, and on the campus of Florida International University."


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