Sunday, March 15, 2015

What is the Meerkat App?

Meerkat - Tweet Live Video App made by Life on Air, Inc.

Meerkat is an iPhone app that allows you to stream live video from your phone. The video can be watched from a web browser but the full social experience takes place while watching the stream from the iPhone app.

When you push steam a link is created on posted on your Twitter feed  /______ .
If your followers have the Meekat app installed they will get a push notification that you have begun live streaming.  You can also schedule a stream and a cue will show up in the app.

Whatever happens on Meerkat also happens on Twitter.  So things you type into the chat are tweeted. Favoriting the feed favorites the tweet that announced the Meerkat stream. 

Ready to Meerkat?

You see the tweet "LIVE NOW" with the #meekat hashtag and short URL to the video stream.

You click the link and the stream gets grabbed!

Or in your Meerkat app you will see the play icon:

On the app streaming begins:

Then stops....

and begins again...

and goes to audio only...

and begins again .... in out several times.   Especially if the "caster" is moving.

The chat makes it interesting and the sound quality is good.  The stream quality varies probably because of the senders connection.   

You can view on a web browser and smart phones and Android browsers but you can't chat or see the chat stream.   The proportion makes the stream look very low quality too. 

Other Features of Meekat App

Leaderboard with a score.  The score seems like a way to reward you for streaming a clean and interesting video.  It's not clear how it gets added up.

Meerkat T&C

Thursday, March 5, 2015

FYI: Important Message from Yahoo Small Business Hosting: Required Upgrade to latest WordPress version

FYI:  Yahoo Small Business Hosting: Required Upgrade to latest WordPress version
Date: Thursday, March 5, 2015 8:00 AM


Yahoo Small Business
Upgrade to WordPress version 4.0

Dear Yahoo Web Hosting Customer,

There are possible security issues with the version of WordPress that you are currently using. To prevent any issues you need to upgrade to the latest WordPress version 4.0. This is a mandatory action that must be completed. We will automatically upgrade all WordPress sites to the latest version on April 30, 2015.

Additionally, we suggest you take the following actions to further enhance security:

1. Remove the plugins wp-cache, wp-db-backup, which have known security vulnerabilities.
2. Install w3-total-cache and all-in-one-wp-security-and-firewall plugins to provide enhanced security for your WordPress site.

Please note that if you have custom installations, the upgrade to WordPress 4.0 may cause unexpected changes to your site. It is recommended that you upgrade prior to the deadline to provide yourself adequate time to plan for any potential fixes. The following WordPress article can help you through the process:
While we do provide the technical infrastructure you need to run WordPress (PHP and MySQL), we cannot offer technical support or a warranty as WordPress is an open- source service.

If you have questions, please explore our online help center, where you'll find answers to frequently asked questions. If you need further assistance, you can contact us anytime.

The Yahoo Small Business team

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