Wednesday, July 1, 2009

iPhone 3G 2.2.1 - iPod Freezes

Everything was fine until one Saturday afternoon. My son borrowed my iPhone to watch some YouTube in the car and then my iTunes wouldn't load anymore. It would open to a blank screen for about 7 seconds and then go back to home screen. I tried resyncing, restarting, deleting photos, resetting network settings & cache.. But it didn't fix it. I finally found a temporary solution, which was to reset all settings, restart the iPhone, go to settings and about and wait for it to get acorrect count of my songs. Then my "iPhone iPod" worked again. At least until I went to antthing that involved the iTunes store. (applications, podcasts, etc.). I just had to avoid going there). Last week I updated my iTunes (Windows Vista) & updated to the iPhone 3.0 software. Now, its fixed (but the iPod application seems slow).

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