Thursday, June 2, 2016

FYI: Attn: Marketing, Managers, PMs and HR team leads

FYI - CMS For Any Team

Here's how Asana can help your team move projects forward and get more done.

How to get your team's workflow into Asana

Try using Asana with your team to track your work and get results.


Track campaign details from concept to launch

Learn the easiest way to keep track of all the moving pieces, deadlines, channels, and assets for a stress-free campaign launch.

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Managers and Executives

Find out which projects need your help

Check in on important projects without having to bother your team. Learn how to quickly find out what's on track and what isn't.

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Product Managers and Engineers

Ship faster and smarter

Plan your product roadmap in an Asana project, and share it with stakeholders to keep them updated on progress.

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HR and Recruiting

Simplify hiring and onboarding

It takes eight months for a new employee to reach full productivity.* With an onboarding template in Asana, you'll get them up-to-speed even faster.

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* Keith Ferrazzi, Harvard Business Review - "Technology Can Save Onboarding from Itself"

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