Friday, March 14, 2014

The Best Way to Share and Embed Marketing Videos

What's the best and latest way to share and embed marketing videos?  Vlogs, Sizzle Reels and Product Demo's need to be viewed on all browsers should try to keep control of the brand and message.

Check out these Video Delivery Services:

Flawless delivery, on every device, anywhere in the world.
HTML5 or Flash.
When you upload a video to Wistia, we automatically encode Flash and HTML5 versions at multiple resolutions.

Plays everywhere, every time
Consistent viewing experience in HTML5 and Flash, across mobile, tablet, and desktop
JW Player

Community for storing and distributing video content. Includes advanced privacy options, interaction for members with common interests, group projects and more.
Vimeo is video + you. We put your videos first and give you the best ways to share, discover, and be inspired. 

Dropbox Video Streaming
When you share a link to a video, the recipients will be able to stream up to 15 minutes of it on the preview page of the Dropbox website. To view a longer video in its entirety, they'll need to download the file or watch it using one of our mobile apps.

The 15-minute limit only applies to other people. You can stream your own videos in their entirety on the Dropbox website.

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