Thursday, September 26, 2013

FYI: Using Square with iOS 7

Anyone using Square Credit Card Reader be ready for this when using IOS 7.   It's now required to get permission to use the microphone. Square turns the numbers and info on a credit card stripe into and encoded and encrypted sound. 

Date: September 25, 2013, 11:20:55 
Subject: Using Square with iOS 7

Using Square with iOS 7
When you update your Apple device to iOS 7, you may need to adjust your microphone in order to swipe payment cards with your card reader.
If you have already updated to iOS 7, please allow Square Register to access the microphone. Here's how:
1.   Go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone
2.   Turn on the Square Register slider
3.   Relaunch Square Register and swipe away!
If you have not yet updated to iOS 7, your app will function normally. When you do update, follow the prompt to allow microphone access the first time you open Square Register.
Visit the Square Help Center for help with iOS 7 troubleshooting.
The Square Team
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