Monday, May 20, 2013

Troubleshoot Cable Modem and WiFi Issues

No Internet on Wireless Network

Besides the basics of rebooting your computer and making sure the wireless settings are correct and turned on.

1. Plug router into new outlet.  
2. Make sure there aren't any electric interferences.  Microwave, florescent lights, heavy equipment, faulty grounds or wiring.

3. Make sure antennae is clear and fully plugged in.

Replacing the Wireless Router

1. Make sure Internet / broadband provider doesn't need the new equipment to be registered.
  (they may need to provision the new IP address that allows it to get the internet and past their "walled garden"

2. Some networks, like Comcast / Xfininty internet automatically provision new equipment but the modem must be turned off for about 10 minutes to erase the old MAC and old router data. 
 - TURN OFF MODEM FOR 10+ minutes and the connect the new wireless router.   If you modem has voice (phone) service then a Power Cycle may work without waiting the 10 minutes.  DON'T HOLD IN ANY BUTTONS on your router or modem unless you really want to erase all settings.  


Power Cycling  Your Modem:

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