Thursday, December 22, 2011

Best Tech Gadgets for 2011

Best Tech Gadgets for 2011

These are items I have used.
Sonos Sound System:  
  • Play5
  • Play3
  • Bridge
Netgear Range Extender
  Get extra boost on your home network.  Connect to a TV, Game Sytem, or Sonos speaker system

iPod Touch
Apple iPod touch plays music and videos, excels at games and apps, makes video calls, shoots HD video, and more.

iOn Tape Express:
Turn your tapes into MP3s and listen on your computer, iPod, in the car, or in the palm of your hand!
Works on Mac and Windows.   (mac version of software makes you split tracks manually).

USB Battery Pack - for backup on the go charging.   Lots of brands out now. 
T-Mobile Portable Back Up Battery Charger with USB Cable by T-Mobile    Cheaper ones are power only, use your existing cable.

Mac Mini for your TV:
(with HDMI out for HD quality and an apple remote.)
  Remember no keyboard or mouse in the box.
    If you need a Mac mouse or keyboard or other phone or tech devices on a budget check out CEX   

More tech gadget suggestions coming soon.  Have a happy new year!

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