Friday, April 2, 2010

Download Program for April 3 2010 MAPP - Mission Arts and Performing Project

MAPP, Mission Arts and Performing Project, MAPPmission

Converted and Combined these for the MAPP Event.  April 3rd, 2010 in Mission District of San Francisco.

Read Only (no map 2mb) : read-1sided-SF_MAPP_APRIL_2010_Program_small.pdf

(these over 5mb)
Print - 1 Sided: print1sided-SF_MAPP_APRIL_2010_Program_ALL8pages.pdf
Print - 2 Sided: SF_MAPP_APRIL_2010_Program_ALL8pages.pdf

Map Only:   MAPP_APRIL_2010_location-map.pdf

The MAPP is a bi-monthly neighborhood inter-cultural arts event that transforms garages, cafes, studios, gardens, and local businesses into make-shift arts & performance spaces where daily life meets artistic innovation and expression.

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