Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seagate Replica 500GB Backup Drive - First Backup Super Slow - but Otherwise Drive Does the Job

I bought the Seagate Replica backup to get distaster recovery for my Sony (Vista Home Premium) Laptop.

It took about 2 days to backup 133GB of Data but it only used 80GB of space on the drive.   At least this drive won't fill up for a long time, and I can put other computers on the drive without worry of over filling the drive.

I tried to change the cache file to local, but it didn't speed up the backup.  Also tried to turn off Antivirus, but still nothing noticable.

I am assuming the slow speed of the backup is due to the compression of the files backed up. It probably has an extra hard time trying to compress very large files that are already compressed. (like outlook ..pst files and MPEG files.).

Now that the initial backup is done it can sync changed file more quickly, but it seems to have an something that is waiting for an idle processor or available resources, since it still will do backups in bursts.  It would be nice to have a feature to not compress files, or to use all resources to do a quicker backup.

I often need to do a quick backup (or in best case a clone of the drive) before working on it, or making major changes to the software.

On the other hand this drive is great because a user can't accidentally change or stop the backup.  It always picks up where it left off.  It also seems easy to recovery, no software needed, it looks like you exploring your original drive and it keeps deleted files for recovery and accidental deletions.   Nice that you don't need an external power supply too.

Got mine on sale at Best Buy.

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